Isis’ Story



"I feel that it is my obligation to tell my story for all the women out there that have been fooled that this so called “natural way of abortion” is in no way normal."

"As a matter of fact it was a freakish nightmare for me!"


Tucked inside a historic downtown Brooklyn building, The Best Women's Medical Care (BWMC) clinic, also known by its website as "The Women's Choice", provides gynecological and abortion services. As a reproductive health care clinic for women, BWMC claims to educate, inform and provide clinical and emotional security for their valued patients.

On April 11, 2013, Isis, a 22-year-old college student from New York had an appointment with BWMC's staff  to obtain counseling and guidance, so she could make an informed health care decision, about terminating her early unplanned pregnancy.

The Women's Choice, BWMC, 81 Willoughby St, Brooklyn, New York

After receiving her sonogram, it was determined that Isis was 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant and prescribed an alternative/off-label regimen of mifepristone and misoprostol which has not been evaluated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Isis received the mifepristone abortion pill (RU-486, Mifeprex) to take orally at the clinic. Mifepristone inhibits and blocks the essential reproductive hormone progesterone that plays a critical role for the initiation and maintenance of pregnancy.

Before leaving the clinic, she was briefly instructed to vaginally insert misoprostol that same evening, just before bedtime, to induce contractions to expel the embryo and placental tissues.

For Isis, her experience with the clinic's staff and the lack of information she had been given about the abortion pill procedure was a disappointing failure. She now hopes to warn other young women about her abortion pill experience which she describes as a “freakish nightmare.”

Isis’ story is followed with an interview that reveals the insights of a confused naïve young woman at the hands of an abortion clinic and industry that victimized her and took advantage of her vulnerable condition.

She feels, abortion clinics, “are motivated by profit rather than health" as women are hurried through a process, given scant materials, prescribed off-label abortion drugs, and shoved out the door.

When medical abortion counseling and the process runs afoul, information given to the patient may be misleading and there may be a lack of informed consent. Patients need to learn there are many important medical abortion risks and issues to consider. It is clear, Isis had been given little information on the procedure she was about to undergo.

Additionally, as required by BWMC's Prescriber's Agreement with the drug manufacturer and Federal law, Isis had not been given the required copies of the Mifeprex Medication Guide and Patient Agreement to take home with her before leaving the clinic for her reference and in the event she experienced a serious complication or health risk that required her to go to a hospital emergency room (ER).

In the interview, Isis unselfishly offers her feelings about her abortion choice, thoughts about family support, the disillusionment and misinformation with her medical abortion procedure, and what young women should know before choosing the  abortion pill to end early pregnancy.  This is Isis' Story.


The Clinic – The Research – The Choice

To start off, I went to a terrible clinic located on Willougby Street in Brooklyn, New York. These people where rude, unprofessional and very cold.

"I chose the pill method because I felt it would be the easier and safer solution … Wrong!!"

Abortion PillI did my basic Google research like any naive young woman with their first unplanned pregnancy and I spoke to the doctors, nurses or PAs at various clinics and I always got a different answer when it came to how early I was able to take the pill.

I was 5 weeks and 4 days when I was administered RU-486 , I was given the usual one pill (mifepristone, RU-486) that would soften the uterus and told to insert the other 4 pills (misoprostol) into my vagina that same night. I followed instructions and stayed in bed and waited.

What Happened After Taking The Pills – The Scare of Isis' Life

Within 3 hours I was lightly bleeding and had chills. By the 5th hour I got up out of bed feeling like I was on 10 different drugs, I was dizzy and I felt like I needed to poop and pee badly. When I got up and sat on the toilet a gush of what I believe is placenta came out and I had diarrhea.

"I was in pain… not just cramps, but utter exhausting pain. My whole body felt wobbly and drained. I've never felt this before and I believed in that moment I would die!"

My body couldn't handle it anymore and I doubled over and hit my head on the corner of the sink. I was slowly slipping out of consciousness so I felt nothing when I hit my head. Next, I knew I woke up on the bathroom floor, still drowsy and barely able to walk.

"I looked into the toilet bowl and I saw a huge blood clot … NOT the size of a lemon, but the size of a soft ball!"

I flushed the toilet and the worse came.

"I stumbled to the bed room and my vision became darker and very soon I was blind. Yes, I was blind and more scared than I've ever been in my whole life!"

I stumbled  to the bedroom calling out for my boyfriend I felt my way to the room by keeping my hands on the walls.

"All I could do was yell "I can't see I can't see! Help!"

After knocking over a few things,  I fell back against the wall. I soon had trouble breathing and couldn’t catch my breath, I believe I was having a panic attack but I'm still unsure what it really was. My body became hot and I kept opening my eyes and closing them. I was still blind.

I tried to calm myself and my boyfriend tried to convince me that I was being dramatic.He couldn’t believe I had lost my sight.

"I shut my eyes and tried to recuperate for five minutes praying to God. I opened my eyes and finally I could slightly see my hand in front of my face."

I asked my boyfriend to bring me juice because I figured it was the loss of blood and fluids that was the reason I was blind. I drank the juice and my vision restored fully, my boyfriend opened the window and let some cold air in and soon enough I felt better. I went back to sleep.

What Isis Learned About the Abortion Pill

I am writing this story two days after this whole ordeal. My stomach still feels a bit weird and I have light bleeding. Hopefully, the worst is behind me.

"I would not recommended this pill to my worst enemy and I urge other young women to make more informed choices."

If I had known then what I know now, I would have done the surgical method.


Interview: April 15-19, 2013

silhouette-225x300MONTY PATTERSON: Isis, I want to thank you for sharing your story especially when you are in such a difficult and challenging time in your life. You are a brave young woman. You have an important and powerful story that many young women will be able to relate to. Can you briefly tell something about yourself?

ISIS: "I’m a pre-veterinary student at Fordham University and I am 22 years old. I currently manage a dog daycare and boarding facility."

MONTY PATTERSON: Looking back on your recent medical abortion pill experience, what advice would you give other women who are trying to make a decision about what to do and what would you have done different?

ISIS: "I would tell other women to not panic and make rush decisions, because when “We” do that we become prey for these so called medical professionals who just want to get paid and do a minimal amount of work."

"I wish I had spoken to my parents first because if they knew I’m sure I would be able to make a wiser choice because the truth is, these PAs (physician assistants), and RNs (registered nurses) don’t care for us like our parents will. Women in these situations almost NEVER get to see a doctor unless they pretty much fight the nurses for an appointment."

"Instead, we get PAs and RNs who strut around in white coats pretending to be doctors. As a matter of fact while I was at that clinic, I had a nurse tell me I could take the pill as soon as possible and I had a PA then tell me only until 4 weeks. Yet, they had posters on the wall that said the pill could be taken the minute you find out your pregnant."

"I was so confused and I felt helpless, I was treated like a confused helpless little girl and yelled at when I inquired about more information."

MONTY PATTERSON: How do you feel that your parents or other members of your family could have helped with your pregnancy decision because it seems that most young women want to keep it a secret? What about your boyfriend, would he have wanted your parents to know about your pregnancy?

ISIS: "I feel if my parents or anyone older and more-wiser had known, I wouldn't have been pushed around and made rash decisions. I would've been safer, but it can turn out badly too. My boyfriend wanted me to tell them, but I didn't want to go through the embarrassment or the “I told you so's.”

"I wanted my freedom and I didn't want this to have an impact on whatever decisions I made in the future."

Because believe it or not when things like this happen our mode of thinking is if we cry to our parents for help, we show that we are not capable of being independent or that we’re giving our freedom away by running back to mom and dad."

"In some cases I hear the comments my parents make about young girls who are pregnant or get abortions and they're never nice things. I didn't want to be that image in their mind."

MONTY PATTERSON: You mentioned that you had visited a terrible clinic located at Willoughby Street in Brooklyn, New York. Was it the Best Women's Medical Care (BWMC) clinic?

ISIS: "Yes, that’s the name of the clinic that I received "care" from."

MONTY PATTERSON: As you understood it, the clinician said you had to be at least 4 weeks pregnant before you could be prescribed medical abortion drugs. Did the clinic perform a sonogram (ultrasound) to view the image and determine the length of your pregnancy?

ISIS: "Yes. They did the sonogram on Saturday (April 6th) and then on Thursday (April 11th). They were able to see the baby on Thursday but not Saturday." "And what's strange is when they did the sonogram that Saturday (April 6th) they told me they saw nothing and I was too early, but by Monday (April 8th) I received a call saying that my pregnancy would be viewable by Wednesday (April 10th). I went in on Thursday (April 11th) and they told me I was now 5 weeks and 4 days."

MONTY PATTERSON: Were you able to see the clinic’s medical doctor at any time before, during or after you were prescribed the abortion pill regimen of mifepristone (RU486, Mifeprex) and misoprostol?

ISIS: "I didn't ask to see the doctor because I assumed that something like this would be handled by a doctor. It was only until after I realized that everything I been through so far has been handled by staff beside the doctor."

"I knew I wanted to be handled by a doctor. When I asked the nurse about information about the pill and when I pointed out the conflict between their advices she said, it's whatever the PAs say."

MONTY PATTERSON: At the end your story, you mentioned that instead of a medical abortion you would have done a surgical abortion (vacuum aspiration abortion). Did they offer it to you surgical abortion or did the clinic push the abortion pills?

ISIS: "They did not discuss any options with me and pretty much just let me have the pill because it was the first thing I mentioned."

"I took a blood test and in two days they called me back and told me I could come in for the pill."

MONTY PATTERSON: When did the clinic give you the first pill (mifepristone) to terminate your pregnancy and when were you told to take the second set of pills (misoprostol) to induce labor contractions?

ISIS: "I was given the first pill on April 11 at about 3:30 p.m. and I was told to insert the second set (4 pills) vaginally before I go to sleep that same night. They were very cut and dry with me. They even gave me a sheet of paper with very brief instruction."

"Not once was the word antibiotic even mentioned!"

"I felt victimized by these people. They did not tell me what to expect AT ALL."

"She simply told me to insert the pills and make sure I’m lying down for 5 hours, and that I should take Motrin beforehand."

MONTY PATTERSON: Did the clinic offer to provide you a prescription for any type of pain medication other than tell you to take over the counter Motrin?

ISIS: "None whatsoever! In her exact words, Oh and Motrin for the pain."

"Also, I was only told there would be large blood clots but not to worry and if I have a fever over 100° to call the ER and to come back in two weeks."

"I thought it was simple and easy."

MONTY PATTERSON: Who told you not to worry about the side effects of medical abortion?

ISIS: "It was the RN. She made it seem like whatever was going to happen was not a big deal. Even the sheet they gave me made it seem that way."

MONTY PATTERSON: During your consultation, did the clinician review the Mifeprex Medication Guide with you, answer your questions and explain that cramping and bleeding are an expected part of ending a pregnancy but serious and potentially life-threatening bleedinginfections, or other health risks can occur following a medical abortion?

ISIS: "What consultation? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING was explained to me. I had to find these things out on my own. The one time I sat in the office I was too scared of getting yelled at to ask questions. The RN just sat in her chair and told me I'm too early for the pill and when I asked about my options she snapped at me "what do you mean what options? There's nothing to abort!"

"I was treated like cattle or I didn't know what I was talking about, and the fact is, I didn't know much about this stuff, that's why I was there, to get help and information which I obviously didn't get."

MONTY PATTERSON: When you were told, if you have a fever over 100 degrees that it may be a symptom of a serious or fatal infection complication and you should contact your provider (meaning the clinic) right away?

ISIS: "That's another story. The word infection was NEVER mentioned. Her exact words, if you have a fever of over 100°… go to the ER."

"I felt like she couldn't wait to get me out the office and when I asked her to explain again the procedure that I had to do that night she sighed of frustration and began in a harsher tone."

"This was during the second visit where she tried to be nicer to me because after she had yelled at me during the first visit, I sternly explained to her that I didn't have time to be pushed around because I work and I'm in college and needed to know what was going on."

"She responded with "what college do you attend?" After I told her, it was Fordham, she sweetened up to me as if now I'm worthy of a decent response. It makes you wonder."

MONTY PATTERSON: Did the clinic give you a hotline number to call in the event you needed their help or advice?

ISIS: "No"

MONTY PATTERSON: When the clinic told you to “go to the ER”, did they tell you to take your paperwork and the Medication Guide with you if you visit the emergency room (ER) or a provider who did not give you Mifeprex (mifepristone, RU-486) so that they would understand that you are having a medical abortion?

ISIS: "What Medication Guide? I was never given a Medication Guide. Thanks for providing me that link (FDA website reference). Now, sadly, I’m just learning this vital information. Thank you."

MONTY PATTERSON: Were you given a Patient Agreement Form to sign that is required by the clinic.

ISIS: "I was given a form to sign I believe it is that form but I’m not sure. I’m going try to get a copy today of that contract because I'm now seriously considering pressing charges."

MONTY PATTERSON: Did the clinician tell you that they were offering you an “Alternative/off-label” abortion pill regimen that was not approved by the FDA? Did they explain this and have you sign forms explaining you were being prescribed a “alternative” medical abortion regimen that was completely different than the FDA version?

ISIS: "No. Not-at-all."

MONTY PATTERSON: You were given mifepristone to take at the clinic and later told to insert misoprostol in your vagina at home. Did you get detailed instructions for the home use of misoprostol and what to expect after you inserted the tablets?

ISIS: "The instruction I got from them… makes everything seem so easy, huh? Doesn’t tell much about anything."

BWMC Steps Taking RU486 (Abortion Pill) These are the basic "At Home Procedures" Isis was given to follow. Note: Step #3 actually refers to the second drug "misoprostol" that induces labor contractions.
BWMC Steps Taking RU486 (Abortion Pill) These are the basic "At Home Procedures" Isis was given to follow. Note: Step #3 actually refers to the second drug "misoprostol" that induces labor contractions.

MONTY PATTERSON: As a young woman, under duress due to an unintended pregnancy, were you truly able to understand, take the time to review and sign all the paperwork required to get a medical abortion?

ISIS: "No. I felt rushed when the contract was given to me and so I signed it."

MONTY PATTERSON: Did the clinic do their job by fully explaining medical abortion along with what you needed to sign to proceed?

ISIS: "Reading it now, they definitely didn't fulfill their end of the bargain. And when I say absolutely nothing was explained, I mean NOTHING not even a PAMPHLET!"

MONTY PATTERSON: It appears the clinic did not give you the required informed consent forms to take home with you explaining the abortion pill procedure, important information you should know, side effects, and possible risks.

ISIS: "I received nothing of the sort. I’m COMPLETELY IGNORANT to anything having to do with this pill, until I got in contact with you and did some online research. I was given that piece of paper (steps taking the RU-486 abortion pill) and another piece discussing the price and how much they would charge me etc."

MONTY PATTERSON: Did you feel the clinic failed you as a patient?

ISIS: "Definitely!"

MONTY PATTERSON: In your story, you talked about some Google research on the medical abortion pill. What have you learned since then?

ISIS: "When you feel like Google is a better doctor to you than the actual clinic staff, something is wrong."

"Fact is a lot of women are going to use Google to find information about abortion and we will usually get “watered-down-sugar-coated” information directly from clinics."

"I feel women need to know the cold hard truth, because right now as we speak I’m still scared for my life."

MONTY PATTERSON: In your Google search did you feel the websites you visited marketed mifepristone (RU-486) medical abortion over surgical (vacuum aspiration) abortion?

ISIS: "I'm not sure. The way this pill is marketed, is "have the abortion in the privacy of your own home" and I had to learn through a friend that the surgical procedure isn’t as scary as it sounds. Matter of fact she was absolutely fine."

"Through my experience I learned that the privacy of my own home doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s safe."

"By using those terms they make it appear easier and simpler. Of course, scared confused young women will try to opt out of surgery."

MONTY PATTERSON: While searching the internet or when you visited the clinic, did you learn the FDA warns about the risk of fatal infections and death where women were given misoprostol vaginally instead of orally? Did you know under the FDA approved regimen, misoprostol is given orally?

ISIS: "No. My gut feeling told me something wasn't right when I was told to insert (misoprostol) vaginally. I trusted the nurse and did it anyway. My gut feeling went against it because in my Google research I never or hardly came across any stories where women said they had to insert the pills vaginally. Almost all of them took the pills by mouth."

MONTY PATTERSON: At this time, when you are still trying to recover from your medical abortion, why are you still scared for your life?

ISIS: "Because I still get an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach and I am afraid of infection. The bleeding had been getting heavier on and off and also I find it hard to trust these clinics. I even feel they could’ve given me the wrong dose because they're so incompetent."

MONTY PATTERSON: Do you feel women are being taken advantage of by abortion clinics? Do you think clinics are motivated more by profits rather than the patient’s safety and health?

ISIS: "I’m not going to say all women are being taken advantage of, but by what I've seen the majority of them are, simply because when we find ourselves in a situation like this (unexpected pregnancy) we usually keep to ourselves because we're embarrassed or ashamed of the situation we’re in or we’re terrified to tell someone wiser like parents or relatives who are actually capable of making a non-panicked decision."

"So naturally we try to fix the problem ourselves and what ends up happening is women throw their trust to these abortion clinics hoping they're in safe hands. The clinics know this and know that at this time they're the ones in control, not mom and dad, so whatever they say we will follow because they're wearing a white coat and seem like they have our best interest in mind."

"I definitely think clinics are motivated by profit rather than health, there are a few good ones out there, but the reason I had to stay at such a terrible one was because it actually cost more money to switch!"

"I called a better clinic and the only way I could start using them was if they could do all the test that the other clinic did (sonogram and blood test)  which I of course had to pay for. I asked them if they could just use the result from my previous clinic and they said policy didn't allow it."

MONTY PATTERSON: Do you think there could be more injuries, maybe deaths, to young women from medical abortion pills than is known because they may be too afraid to seek help or come forward and tell their story?

ISIS: "I think there are a lot more women who were hurt by RU-486 but they probably just want to forget that time in their life existed. And for the most part, we’re embarrassed to talk to our girlfriends about abortion much less the world, so we're not going to find people coming out with their stories."

"We need more girls to speak up!"

"I think this pill shouldn't be treated as lightly as they are treating it. When a woman has a miscarriage she is rushed to the ER to see a doctor, why are we not letting doctors handle patients who have to take this pill that CAUSES MISCARRIAGE? Why aren't there strict instruction and procedure?"

MONTY PATTERSON: How did you find out Holly's Story and the website ?

ISIS: "I Googled to try to see if anyone had a similar experience. And I found Holly’s story then the website."

"They (the clinic) never told me of ANY risk involved and then I read about Holly's story and was furious! It was a MAJOR wake up call for me."

"They make it seem so simple because they are marketing to young scared women who probably won’t fight back because they don’t have their parents at their side. They know it and they take advantage of us because of it."

MONTY PATTERSON: Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts about your frightening experience with RU-486 medical abortion. You are very courageous to stand up and tell your story.

ISIS: "Thank you for contacting me so this story can be published and possibly save lives."

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chrissy November 1, 2014

Ur so right. I wish I would have seen this sooner as I’m on the regimen from the Jamaica location in New York. I’m 7 weeks pregnant. Took my first pill yesterday and have been told to take the other 4 orally but letting them dissolve in between my cheek and gums. In an hour after taking the 4 pills tomorrow… if I don’t die… I will be here telling you about it. Thank u for sharing ur story luv.