Nelle’s Story

Nelle's Medical Abortion Pill Experience With Planned Parenthood

I just want to start by saying I have always been Pro-Choice. I've undergone an in-clinic surgical abortion in my teen years.

"For so long I figured the abortion pill would be far less traumatic but I was SO wrong."

I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks. I'm 21, right now is not the time for me to become a mother. I immediately discussed the options with my partner and we decided to schedule an appointment with Planned Parenthood. Two weeks later, I arrived to the clinic. At the time, I'm exactly 6 weeks. On their website it said not to worry, no one else knows why you're there, ect.

You can immediately tell why everyone else is there! 

The abortion paperwork they give you is a tan packet that says "Abortion Pill Instructions" in huge letters. They have you wait around for HOURS in a tiny room with a group of anxious teens in the same boat as you. So again, it is pretty apparent to everyone in the room why you're all there.

The ENTIRE time I was there I was told LIES!  They said, "There are no real risks, this is like a period, light cramping, it'll all be over within 2 days." They assured me I didn't have to do anything. I didn't want to!

They told me they weren't there to make money off me. LIES. AGAIN.

Planned Parenhood gave me an antibiotic to fight potential infection, and the pill to end the pregnancy (Mifepristone). They gave me a packet full of information and only went over the first page. They also gave me a prescription for the Misoprostol (to expel the pregnancy) and Tramadol as a pain killer. 

I asked a Million Questions. Planned Parenthood assured me I was going to be fine, and it would all be over in 2 days.

I went home, waited the 24 hours and took the Misoprostol with my pain pills 30 mins before.

Of course, I had to read the packet they didn't go over with me, and inside it said I might bleed for up to 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS!

"No one actually says that you BLEED FOR WEEKS! NO ONE!"

That would have been great to know beforehand. I would have NEVER opted for this method if I knew that vital piece of information.

I had asked multiple nurses and they assured me it would all be clear within a few days!

"They chalk it up to be so "Natural" and "Easy" when this was in fact more "Painful" and  "Traumatizing" than an in-clinic surgical abortion!"

Anyway, it hurt like crazy and I have never been more nauseated and in pain in my life. I was a sweaty, bloody, crying mess. The cramping was pretty bad for me but it was the fact of feeling the chunks fall out of you. I sat on the toilet and eventually put on a maxi pad and sat on the couch. It was about 3-4 hours of cramping until it came out.

When the embryo came out, it was this fleshy, paleish-white clot with really red clots/veins surrounding. About the size of a grape or bigger. After that, most of the pregnancy symptoms went away. I continued to bleed for awhile and cramp into the next day.

Nelle's Final Thoughts About Her Treatment at Planned Parenthood

I truly believe Planned Parenthood tricks young girls into getting these type of abortions, solely to keep them running. 

They don't make money off of birth control. This is how they make money.

"They assure you there is literally zero risk and that it is quick, private, and like a period. Which is all a lie!"

Honestly, I wish I would've gone to a private facility and opted for a surgical abortion. The medical abortion was so painful and hard for me.

I was completely misinformed and lied to. I feel very manipulated.

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